Your First Visit


When you walk into our office, the first smiling face you see will be one of our Chiropractic Assistants.

Their primary goal is to make you feel at home and help with any initial questions you may have.


To make Day One go smoothly, we request that you either complete our patient forms before your visit, or if it is easier, in the office itself. This paperwork is extremely important as it provides us with your health history, information on your condition, and helps us to understand your overall health goals.

*If you choose to fill the paperwork out in the office, please keep in mind that it will extend your initial visit by approximately 30 minutes.


Once your paperwork is completed, you will meet our Nurse Practitioner and begin the first part of your visit: The Consultation. During this you will discuss your health-related problems, concerns, and goals. This is designed to help our clinic learn more about you, your condition and expectations so we can determine how our office can meet your goals with a care plan that is unique to you.


After your consultation you will receive a complete medical examination from our Nurse Practitioner, including all orthopedic and neurological tests. In addition, you will meet with one of our chiropractors for any other standard neurological, orthopedic, postural and physical tests to determine the underlining cause of your symptoms. We aim to give you the most comprehensive examinations to determine how your body is functioning and healing.


Based on the findings of your examination, we will then determine which/if x-rays are needed based on your specific conditions Our X-ray technology gives us the personalized information we need to help us partner with you in reaching your wellness goals, while also alerting of us of any serious spinal conditions before care begins.


Our office is dedicated to finding the underlining cause of each patient’s condition and because of this, we rarely treat our patients on the first visit. The physicians at Catalyst Health Center collaborate over your exam findings and x-rays to help determine the best possible treatment plan. So, we schedule your Report of Findings for the following day where we teach you how to better understand the x-rays.


Day two is all about tailoring a chiropractic and wellness program specifically targeted to meet your needs.


At your second appointment, you will begin with a short educational video. This will help you to better understand what our physicians are looking for and the care options available in our office. One of our physicians will give you a detailed report of all findings and answer any questions including:

  1. How can you help me?
  2. How often do I need to come in?
  3. What will my treatment plan cost?

At the Report of Findings (ROF), most people are amazed once they see their X-rays up close and clearly understand how the films correlate to one’s health. In some cases, you will even be able to identify your misalignments and degeneration yourself.


After going over x-rays, we will want to begin treatment immediately. This may include spinal adjustments and physical therapy. Treatment is interactive, so you can express concerns about the different styles of treatment anytime. This allows the doctor to make your care as effective as possible by making it personal to you!